Guangdong has a ChiXing QC testing center, equipped with 60 sets of testing equipment, professional quality team, standard operating procedures, detection capability and accuracy in the industry enjoyed a good reputation.

Comprehensive advanced detection equipment:

Gas Chromatograph
High performance liquid chromatography
Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
Electronic balance
Smart disintegration tester
Intelligent Dissolution Tester
Digital automatic polarimeter
UV-Vis spectrophotometer
Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
Fluorescence spectrophotometer
Thin layer chromatography
Microplate reader

From raw materials to intermediate products, finished products, production process every step is intended for release by the test.

Physical and chemical indicators
Microbial Limit Indicator
Efficacy / active ingredient content index
Heavy metal content index
Stability Test
Systematic laboratory management
Internal laboratory test project
Supplier qualification audit
The whole process can be traced back record