First, the concept of development

Foundation work: gathering and information collation target consumer groups to determine product positioning, beginning with the proposed formulation component composition tables and the like.
Anchor: Through years of nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals industry intensive, Guangdong Chi Star has an extensive and in-depth market and consumer insight, be able to demand for accurate positioning, so as to ensure successful product development direction.
Second, on the product type

Foundation work: raw material information, the final formulation, the final confirmation of the ingredient list, nutritional information, target groups, product description, production process and so on.
Anchor: accumulated rich experience in R & D and advanced research and development center for excellent research and development personnel to provide adequate resources.

Third, on the product testing

Foundation work: product stability, formulation verification and optimization to ensure the safety of marketed products, effective.
Anchor: advanced testing equipment, independent research and development laboratory, senior inspectors, comprehensive tests to ensure that products of excellent quality.